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Experience Center Israel

With the renovation of the Amdocs Experience center on the main campus in Israel, we joined forces with the existing designer & architect to create an engaging, immersive customer experience throughout the space. New high resolution LED displays were added to the center along with a prototype LED matrix that was embedded behind the corian walls of the center. This allowed us to embed content within the walls to complement the content displayed on the screens. In addition to the technology a new platform called SpaceOS was developed allowing the owner of the space to orchestrate all physical (screens, lighting, speakers) and digital assets (video, graphics, text) into a single set of behaviours. In this way the owner of the center had the ability to quickly create and modify content across any display in real-time, delivering a dynamic, engaging experience to visitors. The SpaceOS solution was later deployed to all areas of the center providing a single interface to control all areas and content.