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Azrieli Group

Digital Platform for Azrieli Malls

Creative Labs was selected by the Azrieli Mall Group to design and execute an innovative digital display platform across several of the largest malls in the chain. The platform included the design and execution of multiple LED screens that would meet both the physical requirements of each mall as well as delivering maximum exposure to marketing campaigns and informational messaging. The screens also needed to be of a high resolution to support a variety of content including advertising campaigns, pictures, notifications and interactive content. The first phase of the project coverted the Azrieli malls in Givatayim, Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv where a combination of vertical and horizontal LED screens were implemented for maximum effect. In Azrieli Givatayim we installed 4 high resolution screens with a total size of 50 sqm on top of the central bridge while in the Azrieli mall in Tel Aviv we installed 6 screens of a similar cumulative size in each of the entrances of the mall. The scope of the project included the production of a large part of the content, content management and remote monitoring services.