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Bank Hapoalim

Digital Branches

Creative Labs worked hand in hand with the executive management, technology, design and marketing teams of Bank Hapoalim to create and execute the prototype for the country’s first digital banking branch. We began by working with the executive management team to understand the vision and goals of the concept. After that we worked with the product and marketing teams to define the customer journeys that would take place within a totally digital space. What applications would be needed, the design of the interfaces in the branch and the type of technology required to deliver it. We then worked with the technology and data security teams to define the technical infrastructure and interfaces to the internal systems of the bank. Finally, we worked with the architecture and design team to create a space that seamlessly integrated creative technology with architecture to deliver a new type of branch that was functional, intuitive and cutting edge.

The project resulted in the launch of the first ever digital banking branch in the country, equipped with the latest digital technology, including self-service kiosks, touch screens, mobile banking apps and video conferencing services. The first branch was followed by another four and Creative Labs were an integral part of the end to end process of each one. We are proud to have played a role in the creation and execution of this groundbreaking banking branch concept and believe that the integration of architecture and creative technology is critical to the success of such projects.